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My 11-year-old BMW feels tighter and runs better now than new.

Recently, I took my 325 to a dealership for service and it was just awful.  You can read that review here on Yelp if you’d like.

I’ve gone to Dusan off and on for years and kick myself every time I go elsewhere.

Here’s a typical interaction with Dusan:

  1. Dealer tells me I need a new oil filter housing because I’m leaking oil.  The part costs $350.
  2. Dusan opens up the oil filter housing and replaces the oil filter housing profile gasket, which is a thin piece of rubber that’s roughly equivalent in function to a faucet gasket.  The part costs $6.
  3. Then Dusan recommends changing my regular brake pads with ceramic pads that cost a bit more, but last practically FOREVER and don’t cause dust.  A year later, they look hardly worn.
  4. Next, he changes my plain ordinary synthetic oil with racing grade oil from Germany and the cheapo filter with one that really works and lasts.

The list goes on and on.  I swear my 11-year-old BMW feels tighter and runs better now than it did when it was new because Dusan replaces the old factory parts with better quality aftermarket parts that work better.

In a few months, I’m going to have Dusan work on my suspension.  He told me to wait until I got new tires, so that the suspension would be adjusted to them and not the old ones.

Dusan also works on Audis and VWs. I’ve recommended him to a lot of friends and they are all thrilled with the work he’s done for them.

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