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Free Inspection on used Audi

When I lived in California my friend Dave was looking to buy a used 2001 Audi S4 from a person who lived down the street from him and he wanted me to come tag along to check out this cool looking car.

We went and talked to the owner of the car and he said the car was in great shape and it was at a fair price for the car. I made a suggestion to Dave we head home and do some research on these types of cars and we came across Dusan Sabo Automotive Import Specialists.

We checked out there review’s and found out on there home page they offered a free Inspection before you buy a used Audi.

We called there shop and asked if it was indeed a free inspection and they said “yes it is”, So we made an appointment for the next day to get the Audi from down the street checked out.

We took the car down to there shop on 804 E Huntington Dr Ste B Monrovia, CA 91016  met with the owner Dusan, a master certified technician that was about to do the inspection on the Audi.

When the inspection was complete Dusan came out and explained everything they found wrong with the car in simple to understand terms.

They checked everything from the brakes to how the engine was running. They also supplied a quote on how much the repairs would cost and in the end the car was not such a hot buy like the owner had made it sound out to be.

The professionalism  and honest treatment we received from Dusan was so great Dave and I both agreed if we both ever bought an Audi, BMW or a  Volkswagen Dusan would be the shop to take care of all are vehicle’s needs.

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