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Master Audi, BMW, Volkswagen Technician | 804 E. Huntington | Monrovia, CA 91016 | 626 357-5234

Mr. Sabo knows how to repair Audis.

Mr Sabo’s Automotive Import has been servicing my Audi A4 Avant for the past 4 years. Each time the experience has been pleasant and enjoyable.
His prices are well below Dealer prices. I do all my major work at Automotive Import Specialists.

What I really like about him, is his accessibility. When I go to the Audi Dealer, it is always hard to get someone on the phone…Mr. Sabo answers his own phone.

His prices for basic oil service is better than the Dealers plus he uses import oil rather than the standard Castrol oil found at many local Audi Dealers.
I just took my one and only car in for service today for the 120,000 mile service and I know that by tomorrow it will be done and done correctly.
He goes through all the repair work to show me what he did so I understand what was done.

He has over 30 years in servcing Audis and Bmws. I am very pleased with his performance and would recommend him to anyone else who wants reliability and good price for your auto maintenance.

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